we are super- bloom.

We are team Superbloom.

Lovers and makers of floral goodness.

Our work

A bunch of something special.

At Superbloom, we work with stylists, event planners and Mother Nature to create florals that are more than pretty: they’re pretty extraordinary. We mix the traditional with the modern, the familiar with the exotic, and flowers that look like they could eat you with the softest blooms.

To put it simply: these aren’t your mum’s gerberas.

But while our arrangements are perfectly styled, we’re a fairly relaxed bunch ourselves. Superbloom began in 2017 as a (beautifully arranged) outgrowth of event designers The Style Co, which means the creation of good times is in our DNA. We’ve always found the best events involve happy people, open minds and lots of laughs. And they usually end with our clients becoming our friends.

Despite the casual vibes, we’re hopeless design geeks. Less flower children, and more flower engineers. We obsess over every brief and concept, creating maximum bang for bud. We know our hyacinths from our heliotropes and our begonias from our bergenias, and we know how to make all of the above feel new.

So if you’ve got a thing for flowers, a thing you’re hosting, and a Pinterest board stuffed with ALL the things, we should probably talk. Welcome to Superbloom.

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